Reverse the Cuts to the Library of Birmingham!

18 Dec
Central Library 005
Birmingham City Council  has proposed in its most recent budget proposals a massive cut to the Library of Birmingham of at least £1.5 million for the next financial year.
In the succeeding year more than DOUBLE is planned at a huge £3.3 million per year cut.
The effects of these proposed cuts will mean -
1. Slashing the hours of the library by 40%.
2. Stopping new books purchased.
3. Restricting open access to the archives for scholars & researchers of all sorts.
4. Reducing to nothing library outreach work & in-house exhibitions & displays.
5. Sacking 100 staff posts.
“We, the undersigned, call upon Birmingham City Council to REVERSE your proposed cuts to the Library of Birmingham & our Community Libraries. Invest in our city & out futures.”
This Friends of the Library of Birmingham petition can be signed here;

Anti-cuts social

14 Dec
Heather and Leander  fronting up Midnight Magpie

Heather and Leander fronting up Midnight Magpie

After the gloom and doom offered up by the City Council’s Labour cabinet at the “consultation” meeting in the Council House on Thursday, those who reject austerity had the opportunity to cheer themselves up at the joint social organised by Communities against the Cuts and Birmingham Left Unity the night after.
Thanks are due to Kevin for organising the quiz (although many of the  questions did fox most of us!), to Steve for organising the raffle and of course to Midnight Magpie for displaying their impressive array of musical talent during the second part of the evening.
A good time was had by all, and the money raised was split between the two organisations. It will be used for day to day campaigning and for election challenges on May 7th.

Anti-cuts social on Friday

8 Dec
A different-format reminder about the social!

Social December 12th Alternative version

(The venue is opposite Quik-fit and the Lloyds Bank)


Mental Health Services are Vital

3 Dec

STA Com L L A_page_001

The petition is now well over 1000 and growing, but more names are needed. Add your name here;

A question was asked at the Council meeting on Tuesday, and answered by cabinet member John Cotton;

Council meeting 2nd Dec 004

The video can be seen here,

The only answer seems to be that the NHS might be able to pick up this service. Never mind the government-induced cash shortage in the NHS and never mind the lack of acknowledgement of the appalling nature of this cut, the tactic throughout most of the questions asked, and there were several others on the libraries, was to blame the government. This is of course disingenuous. There is no commitment from Labour to repeal the cuts if elected to office, there is no big public campaign against the current cuts and there is of course no intention of challenging cuts budgets in the Birmingham City Council chamber.
We all know the reason; Miliband and Balls intend carrying on with their own version of austerity if elected next May. Isn’t it time they acknowledged that austerity has failed, is failing and will fail, quite apart from the huge injustices that it is still creating?

Joint Social – December 12th

30 Nov
 Sick of needless austerity, which is even failing in its own terms – the reduction of the debt and the deficit? Then come along for a night of fun and inspiration.

Social December 12th 2014

Birmingham University occupied and evicted again!

27 Nov

Occupation eviction

Keep telling yourself that we are not moving ever closer towards a police state.

Slaney Street 6

11 Nov
Slaney6 009
 The sixth issue of Birmingham’s Slaney Street is now out! This issue features the crisis surrounding the city council, with articles on the new Library of Birmingham, community libraries, children’s social care and the threat to care workers’ pensions. Other articles cover; the local health service, an inspiring struggle for social housing in London, opposing Islamophobia, fighting gender violence, stopping racism in football, and a fair bit more. For example, there is an article critical of Russell Brand, (and he has been offered a right of reply)
 The theme of the editorial is to RECLAIM OUR CITY! It calls for an alternative future for Birmingham, compared to the miserable, austere one that is on offer at the moment. The front page photo shows the real, bombed-out Slaney Street during the 2nd world war, but makes the point that the spirit of this street, where trades unionism began in the city  two hundred years ago, needs to be re-captured.
 It is certainly a very different read to the mainstream local press, but for it to blossom and grow, it needs more people to write for it, distribute it and help with its production. To that end, its third conference will be held on Tuesday January 20th, and people are invited to put this date in their diary.
 10,000 copies of the last issue were distributed, and groups that would like an advert within its pages should get in contact regarding the next issue in the new year.
Why not take some copies for your organisation/group/friends? Remember, it is FREE!
Hot off the press!

Hot off the press!



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